Rates & Packages

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Waterfowl Hunts 
1 person for 2 days and 1 night lodging with meals.   

The hunts include a guide with dogs, decoys and blind or a duck boat with blind.
Bird cleaning and packaging included.   $525

Pheasant Hunts
1 person for 2 days and 1 night lodging with meals.
Guided with dogs, bird cleaning

and packaging.   $550

2 people for 2 days and 1 night lodging with meals. 

Fish cleaning and packaging at the

end of the day.  $900

Drive -In Day Fishing and Hunting

Pheasant & Waterfowl
1 person, self guided $160

1 person, 1 day guided with dogs $210

1 person, 1 day waterfowl, guided with dogs, decoys & blind. $210


2 people , 1 day with guide and all equipment furnished along

with fish cleaning at the end of the day. $375

The Grand Slam

This package has an occupancy of 2 people and includes morning guided waterfowl hunt, and afternoon guided pheasant hunt and an evening Walleye Fishing Trip. $1200

The Grand Slam with one night lodging and meals. $1300

Hunting Pass Punch Cards are available.
Click here for Punch card details



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